Why we are in business?  Why do we help people import and export?  This question is perhaps what makes us so different.  We simply believe that it is better to partner with our clients than treat everyone like they are our customers.  It is something that the humongous international freight forwarding companies simply ignore.  However, for 30 plus years our mission has been to work alongside our clients to ensure that every aspect of their supply chain is moving lawfully, efficiently, on time, and the lowest rates possible. 

Another benefit of our philosophy has been to meet and create interesting and successful partnerships with a wide variety of businesses and individuals from around the world.  Through providing an excellent service, we get to work with some of the best companies in the world and help some great entrepreneurs bring their goods in and out of the country every day.

  • Better Customer Service
  • More Customized Solutions
  • Lower Rates
  • Fewer Delays & Fewer Fees
  • Everything You Need With 1 Call

Helping businesses grow is fun work.  If Atlanta Customs Brokers does its job right, our client gets to sell their products faster, make more money and lead a successful business that wants to place another order as quickly as they can.  We enjoy this.

We have made thousands of partnerships over the years.  When you start shipping with us or clearing your products or even storing a pallet or two, we become partners and your success directly reflects our success.  This circle of success and partnership mentality is what makes our business different.   We want you to succeed and everything to arrive and clear on time.