Fulfillment and Warehousing

Atlanta Customs Brokers and International Freight Forwarders warehouse is centrally located just a few minutes from the Atlanta airport and just a few miles from all of the major Ocean line container ramps.  Because of this great location and new facility, our warehouse has become an integral part of our business here in Atlanta.

In addition, many of our customers take advantage of our fulfillment and warehousing services and instead of trucking their imports to their own locations, simply give us the information and we can take it from there.  Weekly or daily fulfillment or simply monthly storage, we have it all and we will develop a program based specifically upon your company’s needs.  If your company needs a place to unload three 40’ containers or help picking pallets and trucking 5 boxes around the US, our warehouse team is here to help.  Whatever your warehouse need is, we can handle it and our rates are some of the lowest in the entire region.

Located in the heart of the Atlanta transportation hub, our warehouse has helped thousands of clients better serve their customers and businesses for many years. We can help with such a wide variety of warehousing and fulfillment options that the majority of our services will be customized just to meet your specific needs.

  • Very Low Rates On Storage
  • CFS Capabilities
  • Short & Long Term Options
  • Flexible To Meet Your Needs

Warehousing For Large Corporations & International Shipping Companies

Does your company import or export multiple containers every month?  Let Atlanta Customs Brokers help with the loading, packing, transfer or unloading, inventorying or storage.  Because we are so involved with the shipments from start to finish, our experts know your products very well so it becomes natural for us to handle many clients fulfillment and warehousing as well.  We know firsthand how many large bottles are in each box because we’ve many times trucked it from an overseas factory, shipped it, cleared it, transferred it and now can help you store it and send it out.

If your company is an International Shipper and you need to find a new CFS in Atlanta, we can help.  We have the software and capability to handle of your LCL shipments in and out of Atlanta.  We have the experience, low rates and the customer service to handle the largest CFS request

Small Business Warehousing Atlanta

For our clients bringing in shipments several times a month, we are here to help.  Many of our mid-size importers can run out of room quickly and are looking for access to a inexpensive warehouse.  That’s what we will have.   All the benefits of working with a large fulfilment center at a fraction of the cost.  If you need to store 10 – 50 pallets a month, you cannot beat our services.  You can let us know and we can fulfill an order for your and get something moving the same day.  It’s the small and mid-sized businesses that have helped grow our warehouse to what it is now. 

Individual Fulfillment and Warehousing

Did you have a large package arrive and want to pick it up yourself?  Atlanta Customs Brokers can bring it to our facility so you do not have to go to the airport.  Are you moving out of the country and need to have everything palatalized?  Give us a call.  Our nice and convenient location makes us the easy choice when it comes to picking up items from US Customs.

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