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How to ship goods to arrive on time and in good condition

Imagine having to physically transport your international freight shipments all by yourself, and to a different destination or drop off points. Life can be dreadfully exhausting if that’s the case. Luckily, shipping goods and merchandise all over the world has been made easier thanks to the help of international freight forwarders. Multitudes of shipping companies have sprouted in the market today, bringing a robust economic progression to businesses and immense expediency to our lives in general.

Entrusting your international freight shipping needs to an international freight forwarder equates sound judgment of your preference. International freight forwarders are the most reliable and trustworthy to get your goods to their destination. Always choose an international freight forwarder who has shown notable expertise in the freight forwarding industry. The one with the highly-skilled and most experienced licensed customs brokers who will do even the minutest shipping details for you.

But even the smartest customs broker can fall short in between the shipping process when you fail to complete your responsibilities as the shipper. This unwanted mistake can happen to a less experienced customs broker in the shipping industry. That is why choosing a reliable, experienced customs broker for your international freight shipment can make the difference between on time arrival and delays.

Here are the things that a shipper has to comply with before scheduling the transport of goods and packages to ensure smooth shipping transactions at the port:

  • Check, label and declare the contents of the cargoes – identify the type of goods that you are shipping to observe proper classification and segregation.   Ensure proper handling of the merchandise with the use of markings on the packages. Labeling the goods will ensure that pilferage will not happen during the shipping process.
  • Adhere to correct packaging – There are certain rules in packaging goods to follow like using sturdy containers, placing goods inside a moisture-resistant material and palletized containers.
  • Secure proper documentations – This includes package insurance and other documents required by the country of destination.
  • Declare accurate weight of the shipped goods – The exact weight of the secured package should be declared accordingly as there are certain risks involved in not doing so.

Here are the possible risks associated with misstatements of cargo weights.

  • According to the guidelines for international carriage of goods by sea under the Hague-Visby rules,   the carrier has greater responsibilities owed to the shipper when it comes to carrying the goods to its destination soundly and in perfect condition.     So the carrier has to acquire the accurate weight of the packages to enable proper stowage in the vessel.
  • The exact calculation is needed to avoid overloading the vessel which can eventually lead to security risk if damage occurs in its hull.   If the vessel’s hull is damaged, this can further lead to capsizing which can affect the lives of the passengers.

To get the best security and comfort when it comes to your international freight forwarding needs, turn to the industry leader, backed by 150 solid years of expertise and experience.