What Does a Customs Broker Really Do?

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  A customs broker is a type of commercial broker who focuses on shipments and the transfer of goods across borders. This requires a specific set of skills and benefits people who ship goods across geographic lines. Here’s an inside look at a customs broker. What Is a Customs Broker? To work … Read More

5 Must-Know Facts About International Commercial Shipping

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International Commercial Shipping   The commercial shipping industry is huge. Millions of products are shipped worldwide on a daily basis. Still, most of us know little to nothing about the process. Even as one of the world’s oldest industries, commercial shipping is still very relevant to businesses who ship their products overseas. … Read More

How 3D Printing Affects the Future of International Air Freight Forwarders

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The phenomenal strides in modern technology have made life easier for humans. Engineering geniuses have invented how to minimize manual labor by using robotics and microchips. Telecoms replaced telegraph and made communication instantaneous. The latest innovation in printing is mind-boggling in its awesomeness but bad news for some sectors. The 3D printing … Read More

Factors that Affect the Cost and Timing of Your International Shipment

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Globalization has made it possible for small businesses to compete with huge corporations, both local and abroad. Decades ago, only big-named corporations were capable of shipping their products to foreign entities. This changed with the advent of technology and population explosion. Now, even uprising entrepreneurs can expand their businesses in other countries. … Read More

How to ship goods to arrive on time and in good condition

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Imagine having to physically transport your international freight shipments all by yourself, and to a different destination or drop off points. Life can be dreadfully exhausting if that’s the case. Luckily, shipping goods and merchandise all over the world has been made easier thanks to the help of international freight forwarders. Multitudes … Read More

The Significance of Accurate Container Weight Information during Port Inspection

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The emergence of International Freight Forwarders has vastly improved the transactions involved in the trading and shipping industries. The process has been a lot better since international freight and customs forwarders ensure smooth freight forwarding operations. The shipping needs of companies, corporations and businesses have relied on the expertise of International Freight … Read More

A Look at the International Freight Industry for 2015

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The progress and development of the international freight industry highly depends on the movements within the U.S. economy. This year growth in the U.S. has greatly influenced the increased business of freight forwarders. This goes without saying that there aren’t any challenges ahead because despite the U.S.’s rise in economic power, the … Read More

Freight Forwarders for Your Business Shipments

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Why use the services of a freight forwarder? If you’re looking to send shipments to other countries, thousands of miles away from the point of origin, then you’ll need the assistance of a freight forwarding company to make the transaction as smooth as possible. One of the key benefits of utilizing the … Read More