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How unloading automation can speed up your freight’s arrival

If your business deals with international shipping and receiving, chances are you have had to deal with international freight forwarders. Getting freight to and from overseas can be very time consuming, but there is a way to help speed up your freight’s arrival. In this high-tech world, there are now ways to automate the unloading of your freight. Not only will this save you time, but also money.

Issues with Freight and Automation

One major issue that many suppliers experience with freight is that fact that not all packages are the same size. Because of this, it can make automation somewhat tricky. Every shipment is going to vary, and stacking is going to be handled differently. In addition, unloading machines will need space within the receiving area of the warehouse to do their jobs. This can be tricky for those who already run low on space. Some automation equipment that is being develop will require truck trailers to be modified, which poses a large issue.

Advantages of Automation

International freight forwarders are looking to the horizon when it comes to freight unloading automation. It means that less employee time will be spent on this task and freight will be unloaded more efficiently. Plus, there will be less chances of injury when allowing machinery to do the job. There are so many advantages that come with this type of automation. Industry leaders are working to perfect methods that are already put in place, such as conveyer belts and automatic sorters.

Trucks need to be unloaded quickly when they come in, and automation can cut down on unloading time by half. Some automation methods such as conveyer belts requires an employee to be involved. They will have to unload packages and place them on the belt. However, it saves them time in the fact that they are not having to walk the package to place them in a specific spot. They can quickly pick up packages, turn around and place them on the belt. The conveyer belt then sends them on their way to where they need to be located. Typically, there is a person at the other end who will deal with the sorting and stacking.

Another automated system made by Honeywell contains suction cups which will grab packages that are stacked high. There is then a portable conveyor that will catch or scoop the packages up from the trailer bed. It is designed to work with most flat floored trailers and is said to unload as fast as a person can. This means that employees will not be at risk for exhaustion and back pain that comes with reaching and bending.

The Future

As technology advances, international freight forwarders are hopeful that more and more automation devices and options will become available. With time, this type of machinery will become more cost efficient and companies all over the world will be investing in them.

As It stands, there are several options for international freight forwarders to use at the moment, but some still do not efficiently meet their needs. The object of unloading automation freight is to decrease time, save money, and decrease chances of injuries.

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