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The Significance of Accurate Container Weight Information during Port Inspection

The emergence of International Freight Forwarders has vastly improved the transactions involved in the trading and shipping industries. The process has been a lot better since international freight and customs forwarders ensure smooth freight forwarding operations.

The shipping needs of companies, corporations and businesses have relied on the expertise of International Freight Forwarders for decades. While you may think it is cost effective to do your own paperwork keep in mind that just like any business operation, there are unforeseen interruptions that may arise anytime, who will you turn to, to get your answers? It is especially true in cases when any of the parties involved missed doing a thorough check on weights and measurements, it can either be on the part of the carrier or the shipper.

So what exactly are the duties and responsibilities of the shipper to avoid any freight shipping problems? Since one of the most common issues that arise in the port has to do with the weight misstatement. It is of utmost importance to understand why accurate cargo weight should be declared and indicated on the contents form.

Here are the consequences of an erroneously stated freight weight:

  • There is a greater possibility of miscalculated overall weight computation. It will further result in overloading on the part of the carrier that can lead to vessel damage.
  • The proper stacking of package is impossible which can affect the weight distribution inside the stowage. It can lead to stowage problems which may pose security risks in the event of hull damage.
  • Mislabeling the packages affect the proper segregation of the goods inside the stowage. It will eventually affect the quality and condition of the merchandise. A good example is perishable goods placed in a dry goods stowage section. Breakage may also occur to fragile equipment if not labeled correctly.
  • This carelessness on the part of the shipper is beyond the control of even the best licensed customs brokers as they entrust shippers to declare goods accurately. Significant discrepancies can cause rates to rise and penalties to be implemented.
  • There are several accidents that happened as a result of wrongly declared package weight like sinking of cargo vessels or crashing of cargo planes.
    That is why it is important to keep these things in mind to ensure that packages will arrive at its place of destination in the same condition of its origin. Consider sending your freight with a highly efficient International Freight Forwarder, which employs the top caliber customs brokers to do the shipping process for you. Get in touch with an international freight forwarder and let them do the paperwork.