In our 30 years we have shipped or cleared just about everything you can think of.   We are also a business that wants to work on any project if we feel like our services are needed and can contribute significantly to the success, if we can do a good job, be competitive and get you your shipment on time.   Also we realize that every shipment is different.  There is not one specific service or solution that fits all clients.  That is why we come up with a customized plan for each of our customers.   If we cannot add value, we will be the first to tell and even help you find someone that could be a better fit.  


With so many products being importers and exporters around the world, it’s very important for your customs brokers and international freight forwarders to not only know the US Customs & International Shipping regulations but also know your industry and products.  If we are going to be clearing your shipment or moving your freight, you should know that our brokers and staff are current on the latest trends and events in your specific industry.
We have been working in all different kinds of industries and fields here are just a few industries where we have employees that are specialized in clearing and shipping:

Retail & Consumer GoodsTextilesMachineryHeavy Equipment
Medical Devices/HealthcareDangerous GoodsFoodLive Animals
Animal ProductsVehiclesPartsFashion
EnergySporting GoodsChemicalsHi-Tech
AntiquesBuilding materialsMarketing productsHousehold Items

Continuing Education

Above is a snap shot of what we can clear and ship. We are always studying the industry and expanding our horizons. If you have a product and need to see if it is something we have done in the past or something we are willing to work on, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists work every day to learn more about individual clients and their products and with our continuing education programs, we can grow our partnership together.