The Process

Our customized and flexible approach to every new client enables us to work with our clients in a more personalized manner to better achieve the results you need. 

Identify, Evaluate, Communicate, Execute & Improve!

Step 1 Identify: 

We will always speak or email with you first to better understand your needs, objectives and goals before we can take on any new shipments.  From there we can work with you on coming up with a shipping plan and customs clearance strategy to begin the process. 

Step 2 Evaluate: 

Our team will look at your existing processes and procedures and identify, evaluate and compare the different options.   Atlanta Customs Brokers can manage as much or as little as you or your company needs so identifying where we can help is where we will start every project.  

Step 3 Communicate: 

One of our specialists will begin a file for you and begin working on the necessary paperwork we will need.  Our main job is to ensure that everything is completed and submitted correctly to US Customs and all other domestic and foreign agencies.  We will help you and your company, your customers and the suppliers through this process if need be to ensure everything is done to the highest standards.

Step 4 Execute:  

With 30 years of shipping and brokerage experience, this will be the easy part. 

Step 5 Improve:

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and evaluate our partnerships to improve every aspect of the process.  If anything ever needs to change, we can quickly correct to ensure every single shipment is a success.  Upon completion, we will always reach out to ensure your satisfaction because creating a long term partnership is our number one goal.