Exporting Products Out Of The USA

Do you have a company in the US and want to expand overseas?  We know how to help.  With 30 plus years working with domestic companies shipping to all parts of the world, we have the information you need to continue exporting or start your first shipment.

Atlanta customs brokers is a licensed NVOCC and IATA member that can handle exports to anywhere in the World.  With our partnerships around the world and agreements with all the major airlines and steamship lines, you will receive very low rates and the best service available.  Whether you need Door to Door service from Kansas to Taiwan or Macon to New Zealand, we can help.

We know first-hand that exporting internationally can be a complicated and sometimes risky endeavor. Our job is to make it easier. Our experts will bring the knowhow and experience to make your exports successful, on time and at a very low rate.

  • Door-to-Door Service To Most Countries
  • Lowest Rates Available
  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Documentation Creation & Low Fees
  • Agents Worldwide To Work With

Large Corporations

Are you a manufacturer and have equipment that needs to move right away to Europe or South America.  Do you have machinery that needs to ship to Canada or the middle east?  When we say we can and have handled it all, we mean it.  We will work with your business and go over the current arrangements and rates and start from there.  If this is a first time export, we will show you the ropes. 

Many of our customers are looking to solve a problem and that is where we do our best.  Through a comprehensive analysis of your supply chain we will come up with a plan that will meet your needs and exceed your company’s expectations.  We win business because of our dedication and customer service.  If your company is trying to save money, time and need faster service, let us quote you on a shipment and see how we can help. 

Mid and Small Businesses

Is your business looking to grow and grow fast.  Exporting can be a great way to get where you need to be.  Many companies in the US do not export because they feel like it will be too difficult or it is to complicated to get started.  This is why you would contact us.  We are here to walk our customers through the process and get it done for you.   We are experts in shipping and are members of one of the largest networks of shippers in the World.  We will reach out to all of our partners and put together the best team to help your small and mid-sized business get what you need. 


Are you moving overseas?  Do you know someone in a foreign country and need to ship them some items. We can help. We started by helping individuals export and we continue to this day.  If it is a large move involving full containers or just a few boxes, we have the connections to help you get this moving. 

Give us a call or send us a note and someone can help you with your exporting needs, big or small.