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What Does a Customs Broker Really Do?


A customs broker is a type of commercial broker who focuses on shipments and the transfer of goods across borders.

This requires a specific set of skills and benefits people who ship goods across geographic lines. Here’s an inside look at a customs broker.

What Is a Customs Broker?

To work with customs, a customs broker must be licensed as a broker.

This means that a customs broker is an expert on the shipment of goods. In a growing economy, this is essential.

More and more purchased goods are imported, and even items not imported are made from imported raw materials.

Because of this, most people can save quite a bit of money by working with brokers who know what they’re doing. It also helps people know that their shipments are being handled legally and professionally.


Customs brokers need to meet several requirements and have various certifications to hold the title.

As a brief overview, Americans can become brokers if they are United States citizens and over 21 years old. They also need to “possess good moral character,” meaning people with criminal records will likely be rejected.

In addition to these requirements, applicants for the position must pass an examination. This exam ensures that they are experts in importing merchandise, know how to classify and value merchandise, and are aware of the taxation and fees for imports.

Customs Brokerages

Working with a licensed individual is a great way to get some peace of mind about your merchandise.

However, while brokers are immensely qualified for the work, they’re also human. And humans make mistakes.

That’s where customs brokerages come in.

Customs brokerages offer the services of customs brokers in the form of a business. That means you can spend your money on a structure designed to help you succeed.

Why is it better to go with a brokerage than an individual broker?

The answer is accountability. Brokers work with a federal license. They are accountable for wrongdoing, meaning you don’t need to worry about your products being stolen.

Individual brokers do not need to worry about inefficiency. There are already a number of factors that can lead to a pricier shipment that takes a longer time to reach its destination.

Either through caution or laziness, an individual broker can add to the problem.

Brokerages counteract that by putting pressure on your broker. Your shipments will reach their destination as quickly as possible, and you can enjoy your profit.

The Best Customs Brokerage

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