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5 ways a customs broker can get your imports and exports out on time during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the movement of goods around the globe, having an understanding of the customs process for imports and exports can be critical to keep your business moving forward and meeting the needs of your customers.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways that a customs broker can help you to get your imports and exports out on time during the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acts as a Liaison Between Your Business and the Local Government

As the pandemic impacts production and shipping times, it can be hard to make sure that you have the most current information about how imports and exports are being handled. To avoid any delays, having that information is key. Your customs broker will be up to date and able to make sure you are meeting all the necessary requirements of both countries that will be processing your shipments. As your liaison with the local government, they know who to contact if there are issues and how to get them addressed.

Meeting Legal Requirements

In line with meeting the current requirements imposed by various countries due to the pandemic, there is also a need to make sure that all legal requirements are being met. Some individuals and businesses are not familiar with all of these legal requirements, which means that they are delayed by having to address them after the shipment has already started to move from one country to the next. With a customs broker in place, you can limit the possibilities of any legal requirements being missed.

Have All the Paperwork

In the world of importing and exporting, there are a lot of forms that need to be submitted and completed. If they are not done properly, it can delay your shipments. A customs broker is very familiar with the paperwork requirements from your country of origin, as well as the destination country.

They will make sure that you have everything in place, thus allowing shipments to leave in a timely fashion and to be released by customs in your destination country without unnecessary delays.

Confirm the Taxes and Duties Are Calculated

Without a customs broker, it can be easy to make a critical mistake regarding the calculations of your taxes and duties owed. If payments are for the wrong amounts, then that could lead to a delay in the release of your shipment. Additionally, you could end up with fines or penalties for not having paid the right amounts initially. Then there are additional fees that could be accessed while your shipment sits in customs waiting to be released.

Get the Right Classifications

Along with paying the right amount of taxes and duties, it is important that your goods are classified correctly. If not, there could be significant delays in getting your shipment through the customs process. Your customs broker will be familiar with the classifications and make sure your goods are labeled correctly.

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