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5 Trends in the International Freight Industry

It’s without a doubt- the shipping industry is forever evolving. In more recent decades, we’re seeing constant change thanks to the emergence of technology.

It may seem that as soon as you get familiar with one practice or protocol, it changes.

Nevertheless, most are quite beneficial to freighters. It’s good to be educated about shifts in the industry so you can be well prepared.

That’s where we’re stepping in. We’re going to discuss 5 upcoming trends in the freight industry.

1. In With the Millennials

The millennial generation is even bigger than baby boomers. What does this have to do with freight? Well, everything.

For one, they’re going to be flooding the job market. Having grown up with Amazon and other courier services, many have an interest in this industry.

Also, it means you need to be prepared externally. You’ll need the technology to match their needs, including online booking, real-time tracking, and more.

2. Startup Culture

In the past decade, startup logistics companies have entered the market quicker than ever. Even if you’re not one yourself, you can still expect to see their changes leaving an impact.

Startups are usually focused on delivering high tech, unheard of solutions. This means you’ll need to stay on top of new players. You may even haved to adapt your own strategies.

3. Expansion

A common trend among all in the freight industry is the expansion of sectors. Many shippers are extending their lines to include more universal products.

In some instances, it may even be beneficial to tailor towards the customer’s lifestyle. As we’re ordering more and more online, the need is certainly there.

4. Last Mile Shipping

Not only are there changes happening behind the scenes, but also on the front line. The industry is evolving so much that last mile shipping is getting exponentially better.

There has been talk of drones used to deliver packages. Also, Elon Musk has even developed a hyperloop system to create rapid transportation between cities.

These elements will directly impact the actual movement of freight. It’ll cause a surge in shipments and will even affect how packages are brought over.

5. More Efficient Data

No matter how innovative the delivery process is, a package is still a package. It boards the same plane or boat and is delivered, regardless of the fancy system behind it.

However, what these trends are working towards is to create better “big data”for freighters. Companies are looking to see more efficient tracking and analytical work.

The biggest change in years to come is how to make big data easier to work with. We’ll see constant improvement in the supply chain process with data integration.

Final Words for our Freight Industry Friends

Tech is a huge player in the freight and shipping industry. Staying on top of current trends is always going to be crucial to delivering a top-notch service.

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