Do I Need to Hire a Customs Broker?


In 2016 alone, the total value of U.S. imports and exports was close to $5 trillion. Some of that value comes from services, but goods account for the lion’s share of both imports and exports. The thing that all imported or exported cargo have in common is that it passes through customs. … Read More

What You Need to Know if You’re a First-Time Importer or Exporter


If you’re a first-time importer or exporter, you may be a bit clueless as to what you need to do to successfully make or receive shipments from abroad. Importing and exporting are not simple processes. There are many steps which are meant to ensure that these processes are carried out correctly. Looking … Read More

5 Must-Know Facts About International Commercial Shipping


International Commercial Shipping   The commercial shipping industry is huge. Millions of products are shipped worldwide on a daily basis. Still, most of us know little to nothing about the process. Even as one of the world’s oldest industries, commercial shipping is still very relevant to businesses who ship their products overseas. … Read More

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